The Pearl Character Analysis

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“The Pearl,” had many different characters with faults. Those faults seemed very small as the story began, however those tiny flaws quickly became noticeable and conflicting. After being exposed to such bad and wrong, the characters begin to really show their true colors. They show who they really are under the influence of their faults, whether it be greed or desperateness. The characters being completely different yet still try to show some connection and do things they would not do otherwise. Most characters need some sort of light to shine upon their dark dreams as Steinbeck says. There are many characters and scenes to talk about in the story but the main thing to discuss are certain characters faults in their goals, failures to see past grees, and their dreams. Strangely enough, there is the well known doctor who would not see the ill baby at the beginning of the story till he heard about the pearl Kino found. It was at this point when the doctor felt the urge to suddenly head on over to Kino’s town to check up on his child. This is a major fault that goes along with his character. His failure is due to selfishness, as he wants the pearl to go to Paris. They flat out state before the character was even introduced, “And they knew the doctor. They knew his ignorance, his cruelty, his avarice, his appetites, his sins”(Steinbeck chapter 1). He pretends as though he’d love to take Kino and Juana, but it is well known he just wants their funds. He even gives the baby
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