The Pearl Harbor Attack Essay

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December 7, 1941 was a date that lived in infamy; it was a date that 2,400 Americans lost their lives needlessly. Several military ships were destroyed and millions of dollars in military equipment was lost. It was a date that this great nation still to this date has not forgotten. No one could have imagined something so horrific happening on American soil that day. The United States of America at that time was a neutral party in the war at that time. This attack caused a turning tide in the war. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s decisions that day could be said to be one of the most critical moments in presidential history. The first 24 hours from the attack that day were crucial and President Roosevelt responded with calm,…show more content…
The U.S. destroyer Ward moves into position to destroy the unknown submarine at 6:45am local time. Almost ten minutes later the Ward relays to the Pearl Harbor Naval Station that they attacked the submarine with depth charges. At the time it was unknown whom the vassal belonged to. In 1941 radar was a new defense tool in Hawaii. The Army had the Opana Mobile Radar Station, one of six radar stations on Oahu, that report seeing 50 or more aircraft in route to Oahu. At approximately 7:00am the privates manning the radar called Fort Shafter to report their sighting. Due to some confusion and possibly lack of training the Army lieutenant who received the information assumed that it the U.S. B-17’s flying from California to Hawaii. The Japanese first wave of 183 fighters, bombers, and torpedo planes are about 70 miles away from Pearl Harbor. 7:55am the first wave of Japanese planes arrives on Pearl Harbor and commences their attack. Twenty minutes into the attack the U.S.S. Arizona is struck with an armor-piercing bomb. The round goes through the deck and setting off more then a million pounds of gunpowder. This single explosion killed 1,177 men in its horror. It took almost twenty-five minutes for the first notice of the attack to reach Washington. The Secretary of the Navy, Frank Knox calls President Roosevelt and says, “They’ve hit us”. With limited information he informs the president of what is going on at Pearl Harbor.

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