The Pearl Harbor Attack That Ignited World War II

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Another point in American history where this deviant immigrant concept flourished was after the Pearl Harbor attack that ignited World War II. According to Helphand (2006), on February 19, 1942, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, which authorized the establishment of military areas from which certain individuals would here then be excluded from taking part in American society. It was primarily directed at some 120,000 Japanese Americans, who were transferred to such locations in Oregon, California, western Washington, and southern Arizona, and placed in what one would formally call today, internment camps. The reason for placing these individuals, and practically locking them away from society was, as Helphand…show more content…
They were looked upon as criminal even though they had not done anything wrong. Hence, fear becomes prominent and makes the other groups seem to be ready to commit heinous acts, even though this is not the case. Furthermore, one can completely recognize that even within our own history, the United States society ends up creating a bias against a group through an instilled notion of fear. Such a thing will drive groups apart from one another, which then makes the ‘other’ or ‘them’ appear in a villainous matter, although this is untrue. Today, this concept of the deviant immigrant continues to exist but has changed to a new target, Hispanic individuals. Although other groups have been perceived as being the other, Hispanic immigrants have become the new group that is believed to be the one committing the majority of crimes within the United States. Nonetheless, our society does take into consideration immigrants as a whole and also has created this other ‘us’ versus ‘them’ concept, where it is American born citizens versus those who immigrate here. According to Levine, Hill, and Warren (1985), during the period of 1900 to 1914, nearly 13 million individuals were living in the United States, and this resulted in xenophobia flourishing throughout the entire society. People wanted to limit the number of immigrants that came into the country because they wanted to be the only ones being involved in this society. Levine, Hill and Warren (1985) also note

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