The Pearl Harbor

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The Japanese and the Axis powers knew this and showed hatred towards the U.S and were becoming aggressive towards the U.S. So the Japanese became suspicious of the U.S. Even right before the attack the Japanese were negotiating peace talks but that might of been because they were trying to distract the U.S into not becoming more suspicious of the attack. So on December 7th, 1941 General Yamamoto of the Japanese air force decided a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. This attack is still known as one of the most brilliant attacks in history and before the Japanese attacked the General knew that even if the attack was successful Japan would still lose in a long-term war.
Since Yamamoto had to attack since this was his best chance to devastate the American naval force. Since this was a “surprise” attack it was kept secret even though there are many signs of the U.S suspected of knowing that an attack was imminent. During the time of the attack, which came early morning, much of the U.S naval force was harbored at the Island. If the U.S did not enter the war the Allies probably wouldn't have won but the means of entering the war are still questioned today. Before the attack on Pearl Harbor President Roosevelt placed much of the U.S navy on their. Many suspect he did this on purpose to cost more…

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