The Pearl Resoning

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Can Nobel Prize winner in literature, John Steinbeck, creator of legendary novels such as: Of Mice and Men, East of Eden and The Grapes of Wrath, be able to present a novel suitable for the grade nine English curriculum? Sadly the answer is no. The Pearl, written by Steinbeck, offers an awful writing style, a predictable storyline and horrible role models concluding to why it should be removed from the grade nine Engilish curriculum. To start off, the fashion in which the writing is presented is loaded with symbols which have potential in leaving readers such as I confused and set off to what is going on. For instance, Steinbeck’s use of songs to display emotions is unneeded because it makes understanding complicated and raises unnecessary questions on the subject of what its presence serves within the story. In addition to the awful writing style of this novel, The Pearl beholds an annoying and disappointing storyline. It seems that of every page you flip, discluding the finding of the pearl, Kino’s life becomes more and more miserable and I expected it all to pay off in the ending but the novel left me with disappointment by giving the same negative influence. Steinbeck never seemed to think of his characters as people but as creatures who are buffeted by terrible circumstances. This brings me to my next example, The Pearl has a terrible moral sense. It seems as if the author is trying to say “do not try to improve it only leads to failure, be happy with where you are”

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