The Pearl Rodgers Dinning Center

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The restaurant that I have chosen to research is the Pearl Rodgers Dinning Center. This restaurant is known by every person on this campus, students have the opportunity to work there, either by choice or if the college places them there. The Pearl is a fantastic place to get good food, to meet new people and to relax in a somewhat calming environment. The reason I have chosen to discuss this restaurant today, is to share some knowledge about the Pearl that not everyone may be aware of. The Pearl in the sense of a business standing is a limited profit loss, or p and l. What this means is that they strive to limit their budgeting to acquire the most products for production in their environment. The atmosphere of the Pearl is a cafeteria feeling with a slightly more relaxed atmosphere. While the atmosphere in the front of house it relaxed the atmosphere in the back of house is very different. The back of house consists of the mangers offices and the food production areas, which are broken into five sections: main production, sack lunch prep, salad and deli prep, bakery, and pots and pans. They all work together to maintain the flow of food in the Pearl but due to a lack of space, they are almost always working in each other’s areas. There is no cross contamination while working in the other areas but there is a constant need for space. Now that the front and back of house has been explained we move on the purchasing area. Purchasing is done by the Pearl’s head of purchasing,

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