The Pearl Theme Essay

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Good vs. evil, greed, social oppression, we see it all around us and more importantly it shows up in the books we read. The themes good vs. evil, greed, social oppression, they all show up the book The Pearl, by John Steinbeck to help you find general topics in the story and to show the reader the impact that the different themes have on the story. In The Pearl the many themes in the book help you see big and small impacts to characters and the world around them, the themes also help you convey the main idea of the story. The book The Pearl, by John Steinbeck has different themes that incorporate into the story, and impact the book from the beginning to the end. All of the themes throughout the book work together and impact the story…show more content…
“Perhaps a rifle.” ” (Pg. 30). This quote from the book shows how even though Kino is a good, honest, generous man, the pearl was making him want things even though he didn't need them. Like the rifle, the rifle was always known to be a white man's tool, so when he had a taste of wealth, he started seeing all of these things that he didn't need and just wanted in the pearls reflection. Greed touched the doctor and Kino the same way, although they are two very different people with very different personalities and different desires, greed touched them both. Greed touches every character, big and small, in the book The Pearl. The theme greed brings out everyone's true character and shows what they will do to make their hopes and dreams come true.
In The Pearl the theme good vs. evil has a big impact on the story because it's very visible to the reader and it affects many people in the story. An example of good vs. evil is shown in this quote, “Kino knelt beside his wife “so the doctor knew,” he said, but he said it for himself as well as his wife, for his mind was hard and suspicious and he was remembering the white powder. Juanna rocked side to side and moaned out the song of the family as though it could ward off danger,” [...] “the music of evil throbbed in his head and nearly drove out Juanna's song.” (Pg. 39). This quote shows that the pearls evilness is clouding the good inside of Kino, it almost blocked out the song of the
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