The Pearl by John Stienbeck Movie versus Novel Essay

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In the novel The Pearl the author, John Steinbeck, writes about a man named Kino who finds a “Great Pearl” and how greed consumes him and the people around him with murderous feelings towards the beholder of the pearl. A movie was later adapted from the book in 1947 that exhibited many similar characteristics as the book. However, although the book and the movie are very much a like they are also quite different. In the novel, the main character, Kino, goes out to find a pearl in hopes of getting money to pay the doctor to treat Coyotito, his son, who has been bitten by a scorpion. Kino discovers the biggest pearl anyone has ever seen, and believes the pearl will bring nothing but good for him and his family. The pearl does change the…show more content…
Finally, after being hunted by trackers and the death of Coyotito, Kino throws the pearl back into the ocean. Although the basic summary is the same for both the moie and the book there are some major differences. In the movie Coyoitio’s name was really Juanito. Also, Juan Tomas and some other guy tried to steal the pearl in the movie by getting Kino drunk and then tricking him into telling them where he hid it. Juana was also drastically changed in the movie as well, instead of being the strong, wise, and deeply religious woman that she was in the book. This is especially noticeable in the scene where Kino and Juana are trying to get away from the trackers. She was very weak and rather than telling Kino that she will not save herself and go on without Kino she actually tells Kino to go on without her because she is so weak. There are also many similarities between the book and the movie as well. One would be the theme of both the movie and the book which is that greed causes people to do horrible things. For example, when Juana tried to throw Kino’s pearl into the ocean, Kino tore the pearl back from her and beat her. Another thing the book and the movie have in common is that Coyotito dies in the end. This is critical because when Coyotito dies that is when Kino realizes the evil of the pearl and that he must get rid of it. It

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