The Pearson Hall Self Assessment Library

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Introduction The Pearson Hall Self-Assessment Library contains several assessment tests that an individual may complete to determine his or her personality type and provides insight regarding skills and abilities. The assessment tests were extremely detailed. I completed three of the four sections which included personality insights, working with others, and life in organizations. After completing the assessments, I learned additional information about my personality type, strengths and weaknesses, and areas that require improvement. I feel that I will be able to apply what I have learned successfully within the organization as well as my personal life.
What About Me? The five-factor model of personality or Big Five has five dimensions which underlie human behavior. These dimension are extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability and openness to experience (Robbins & Judge, 2008). My scores to the assessment are as follows: extroversion – 5, agreeableness -10, conscientiousness – 12, emotional stability – 5, openness to experience -11 (Robbins & Judge, 2008). Two of my strengths are that I am dependable and conscientious. I received a moderate score on openness to experience. I am open to new experiences. I am imaginative, intellectual, and artistically sensitive. I enjoy writing and the performing arts. My score on agreeableness was moderate. The analysis and interpretation described a person who possessed agreeableness as being trusting,…
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