The Pedagogy Of Poverty And Education

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What is the main argument the author makes and how does it apply to contemporary education?
The practices which are taught in schools of low socio-economic status are limited and do not give students the skills and knowledge to reach their full potential. The core functions of the ‘pedagogy of poverty’ used in urban schools constitutes what teaching is thought to be by external parties from the classroom. However, this method of teaching is not effective to fulfil the learning needs for urban students of all ages and learning needs. The ‘basic pedagogy’ has been overlooked to be restructured to cater all students, due to the common belief that teachers are incapable of change. For this essay, the author Martin Haberman raises a number of pedagogical issues that have limited the educational possibilities for students and sacrificed the teaching quality of educators. These are topics that are discussed to resolve the growing issue for the urban students of the 21st century and the teaching skills and knowledge of our modern educators.
The wider community believe that teaching falls under a simple banner of ‘basic pedagogy’ that involves the giving of information by the teacher, who then tests their students’ knowledge through questioning, homework and exams. Many do not know the full range of pedagogical options that can be utilised by teachers to engage students in their education. There is nothing wrong with the activities that make up the ‘basic pedagogy’ and any of
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