The Pedestrian, Breakfast, And Cinderella Inc.

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1. Closely read The Pedestrian, Breakfast, and Cinderella Inc. Identify what main science fiction conventions, if any, are evident in each story.

The Pedestrian: futuristic and alternative setting, reflect elements of society misuse of technology, exploration of ‘what may be’ scenarios, concern about technological issues, oppressive social environments demanding conformity which is ensured by rigidly enforced codes of behaviour, imaginative world building, alternative world, depiction of new things (cyborgs), societal destruction, debate about social and technological concerns in the alternative world

Breakfast: futuristic setting, distortion of time, a world that has not yet existed, dystopian concept, ‘what may be’ or ‘what if’ exploration, concern about technological and environmental issues, representative characters, imaginative world building suspended by audience disbelief, narrative perspective rather than personalised

Cinderella Inc.: alternative world relating to society’s expectations, depiction of nova featuring inventions, ‘what if’ exploration, narrative perspective rather than personalised, warnings about how science and technology can be politically abused, concerns about technological issues

2. Evaluate the role played by ‘science’ in each story. In what ways do they reflect three of the main recurring thematic ideas often found in science fiction texts?

The Pedestrian: The Pedestrian is about how the misuse of technology had taken over

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