The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

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The illustrious idiom “The pen is mightier than the sword.” is the epitome of what Anne Bradstreet achieved through her writing. Bradstreet comprehended the influence that intellectual thought and meaning through writing had on her intended audience, and she utilized this tactic like a king would use force and violence to defeat his enemies. Her father, Thomas Dudely, “…took great care to see that she received and education superior to that of most young women of the time” (Baym 110). Bradstreet was engulfed in a world of Puritan believers—her husband, Simon Bradstreet, and father both believed in the Puritan doctrine and she moved to New England, becoming the first female published poet in America (Baym 110). Although Bradstreet’s poetry was highly skilled, it was often criticized of being unworthy for the mere fact that a woman had written it. One of her most recognized poems is “The Prologue,” where Bradstreet defends her poetry against male critics, proving her advanced education and intellectual capabilities. In “The Prologue” Bradstreet wittingly challenges gender ideals of the Puritan society by questioning the domestic role of women in the 17th century, while appealing to Puritan authority and religion through the humility, a valued attribute among the Puritan community, existing in her poetic language. She utilizes a multitude of literary devices to reinforce her acute literary skills in a profession dominated and controlled by men.
Bradstreet sets herself as the…
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