The Pentecost Church

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Andrews, Susan R. 1999. At home in god. The Christian Century, Apr 14, 413. w/217242042?accountid=7374.

In, Acts the lesson of how the Pentecost church grew through devotion and discipline is evident. Day by day the new converts spent time together in the temple. Each day they broke bread at home to eat it with glad and generous hearts. Daily they praised God, sold their possessions, and gave the earning to those in need. Each day, God added to their numbers. He also added abundantly to their already rich life. Like any home, and any person, God needs care, attention and honor. Once we reestablished our faith, we can then go forth to give care and attention
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It describes the kind of living toward which we should all strive. Membership in this early community was based on faith; as described in Acts 2:44 with "All who believed were together." The members were open to the teaching of the apostles. They both received and nurtured their faith on the word of others. Their faith strengthened the bonds that united them, and what resulted was an extraordinary degree of communal sharing. No one's basic needs were left unmet. Finally, the community came together for prayer and for the ritual breaking of…show more content…
It analyzes the representation of a group of friends gathered in loyalty to the Apostolic teaching. The importance of the breaking of bread is that those who are in need are cared for. Additionally, the emphasis on communion is a way of expressing the concept of friendship. A friend is a person where beliefs and other key ingredients to life are similar. A solid, strong friendship was considered to be the highest form of love. Lastly, communion is to form the institution, not be a key element of the institution.

Walker, Philip Leslie. 2000. The role of the holy spirit in the growth of the church. Order No. 9974760, Fuller Theological Seminary, Doctor of Ministry Program. In PROQUESTMS ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global,

This paper focuses on Luke’s discussion in Acts 2:42-47. In this section, Luke focuses on what makes a “Church.” These concepts are devotion to the apostles’ doctrine, fellowship, breaking of the bread, and prayer. In the early Jerusalem Church, the role of the spirit was to direct and encourage in all of these areas. The Spirit also directed leadership, unity, and growth. One of the key facts discussed in this paper is that fellowship with each other is a clear indicator of our relationship with God. This goes back directly to Church recruitment and maintaining of
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