The People Believe About Rastafarians

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Despite what many people believe about Rastafarians, there are many misunderstandings. Many are set on calling any person that has dreadlocks, or anyone who lives away from the Rasta society. Reggae musicians, weed smokers and Jamaican lingo talkers are in the make beliefs of the Rastafarians. Clearly those exterior references only create a more confusing understanding of Rastafarians. For anyone to call themselves Rasta, one must know everything about their culture. Unlike other religions where all one has to do is accept whatever that religion says without study, one must study the doctrine, the diet, the laws and the strict codes that obey to the Rasta faith. It is seen as a way of life rather than just another religion. Since each individual has his/her own personal relationship with God also known as “Jah”, there are very few churches, places of worship that are clearly Rasta. However there are means that Rastafarians use to come together and engage in spiritual connection in Rastafarianism.
Rastafarianism is the most common known belief in Jamaica. It is a complex spiritual and political movement that emerged in Jamaica during its depression years in the 1930s. It combined inspirational Jamaican folk Christianity with pan-Africanist sentiments inspired by Marcus Garvey’s United Negro Improvement Association. In repudiating British colonialism, Rastafarians were inspired by Ethiopia, noted as the one land of Africa mentioned in the Bible. Ethiopia’s twentieth-century…
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