The People Of India, By Dr. D ' Souza

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The AKA people of India, a minority group who lead a simple lifestyle in a small Indian village, speaks an eccentric language . However, the AKA language is in a verge of disappearance according to a sub-article called “AKA.” D’Souza, an AKA non-native who works as a school teacher in the village, have learnt speaking the AKA language, and is driven to preserve it by promoting the use of this language among his students. Similar to the AKA people, in a bordering country of India, is the situation of another minority group who are also facing a verge of disappearance. In the case of this minority group, the Rohingyas, are victims to disappearance of an entire ethnic group. This Muslim minority population, living mainly in the state of Arakan in Myanmar (Burma), are denied citizenship by the Burmese government. Although the approximately 800,000 Rohingya are generation from ancestors living in Myanmar for centuries, these Muslim Population face harsh persecution due to being considered “people without a state.” Additionally, according to an article “Why does Myanmar keep persecuting the Rohingya Muslims?,” featured in the los angeles times, the Rohingyas are socially unaccepted followed by Myanmar’s citizenship law that requires meeting certain criteria, such as, tracing back ethnic roots “to the days before british colonization in 1823. Another article “Who Are the Rohingya?” by Kallie Szczepanski, a historian who has spent more than five years living in…
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