The People Of Yellow Springs

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Ryan Finney Professor Kristen Sweet-McFarling ANTH 2102 27 July 2016 People of Yellow Springs I spent several days observing the small village of Yellow Springs, Ohio. Founded in 1825 and incorporated in 1856, Yellow Springs has a long history of advocating for civil rights. During the Civil War, Yellow Springs became a safe haven for over thirty freed and escaped slaves. Yellow Springs has also come under government and media scrutiny multiple times over the years for the local support of the political left-wing. This became especially true during the Red Scare of the Cold War, where they supported the right of academic freedom, which included Russia and Communism (Chiddister). In the following decades the village continued its trend of civil rights advocacy, becoming the smallest town to pass ordinances that protected sexual orientation as a status, which prohibited discrimination around it. I chose to do observe the population of Yellow Springs in two major hubs of the village, in order to try and get a broad idea of what exactly it meant to be a citizen of this “hippy” town. My first observation location was on Xenia Avenue, which is the main street of “downtown”, where many of the shops are located. I picked this as an observation point because it is where most people in the town go during their day to day life; I saw it as an opportunity to be able to observe the townsfolk living their lives without drawing too much attention to myself, which could skew my
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