The People Over Weight And Obese

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In today society the majority of people are over weight. The USA is considered to have the most people over weight and obese. So what is wrong with our system of eating ? Why are other countries considered to be healthier then the US. Part of the reason is the way we where brought up. And another reason is the the foods we are given at easy access. But that isn 't to say the stores don 't play a role in the way that you shop. So what could be a solution to living a healthier life style. Being healthy is a lot more then being lean, its about being smart enough to not letting the stores trick you into buying what they want you to buy, and rather what you need to buy. When you walk into the store to buy milk, bread, meat, and produce. You 'll notice that all those things tend to be at the back of the store. They are forcing you to walk through the middle ails where all the unnecessary things they want you to buy are located. So by the time you 've reached the back of the store you have 5-10 items that you didn 't intend to buy. Another example is placement on the shelves. The majority of people are right handed so they will make more right turns and as they turn to the right with the cart they place things at eye level to the right so it will catch your eye. Another tactic is since many countries in the world read left to right they place the higher marked items on the left in hope you 'll buy the more expensive product before getting to the cheaper alternative on the right.
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