The People Were Having Health Problems

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“‘Gradually it became clear that more and more young people were having health problems,’ Carolina Capasso conveys. [The authorities think these recurring disasters are not accidents but people that are not being careful with the disposal of waste.] ‘They had allergies, leukaemia, various tumours. And as they grew older one would die of cancer, and gradually we began to realise that there was something wrong. In 2009, my son started to feel bad and we found out he had cancer: a kid of 21.’ [She blames in particular a warehouse filled with agricultural chemicals near her home where there had been a fire caused by an explosion years before, the aftermath of which, was never properly dealt with but, as in the rest of the triangle of death in the area of Italy, linking cause with effect is a hopeless task.] ‘I am convinced my son fell ill because of these substances, the disgusting stuff there is in Marigliano,’” Capasso proclaims. Peter Popham tells the story of a mother named Carolina Capasso in the article, “Triangle of Death: Surge in Cancer Cases in Italy Linked to Illegal Dumping of Toxic Waste.” Marigliano, Italy is just a small area of the world. In the world are countless cities in endless square acres of land that may be affected by the misuse of waste namely: toxic waste. Toxic waste can be broken down into smaller categories that will explain the concept further to have a better outlook on the subject. These three categories to be explained are statistics, long and

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