The People Were Nomadic Bison Hunters And Trout Fisherman

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Blackfoot Culture Firstly, the Blackfoot people were nomadic bison hunters and trout fisherman. They followed the bison herds as they migrated between what are now the United States and Canada. In the first half of the 18th century they acquired horses and fire arms from white traders. The Blackfoot used these to expand their territory at the expense of nearby tribes. Secondly, The Blackfoot Indians migrated from the great lake regions to the North western United States. They lived in Northern Great Plains specifically Montana and Idaho as well as Alberta Canada. What started out as one nation turned into 4 distinct tribes, each with their own government. Lastly, the black foot war parties would ride hundreds of miles away on raids. At first a boy was given a silly or bad name but once he made his first kill he was rewarded with honor. CUISINE ”Buffalo meat, the staple of the Blackfoot diet, was boiled, roasted, or dried. It was also made into pemmican, a mixture of ground buffalo meat, service berries, and marrow grease. Pemmican was an important food source during the winter and other times when buffalo were scarce. In addition to buffalo, men hunted larger game, such as deer, moose, mountain sheep, and elk. The Blackfoot supplemented their diet with berries and other foods gathered from the plains. Women gathered prairie turnips, bitterroot, and camas bulbs in the early summer. They picked wild service berries, choke cherries, and buffalo or bull berries in the fall,

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