The People 's Republic Of China

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On October 1, 1949 General Mao Zedong stood upon the steps of the Zhang Zhenshi, and announced Zhongguo will become the People’s Republic of China. This act propelled China into a closed market, red country. Later on, China would become a closed market country; this would end in the late 1980’s when China became an open market country. Since then China’s economy has been growing faster than any other economy in the world, and creating relationships with many countries including the United States. As China continues to boom and increase relations with the United States, fear in the U.S. has increased as well. The sudden thrust into communism for the people China lead to many issues. One of which was noticed right away. One of the largest problems of communism is the idea that all people make the same amount of money despite their profession. This lead to unrest of the citizens; riots started to occur, and the demand for change was high. Along with the communistic ideas, China became cut off from the rest of the world. Trade was minimal and their economy was closed to the rest of the world. This in itself lead to tremendous amounts of problems as the population of China kept growing. There was little food to feed the massive population, or enough goods and supplies. As the 1980’s approached, and the death of Zedong in 1976, change was needed. In 1986 ‘New China’ emerged, the closed market economy opened back up to the world, and China was a time capsule closed since the 50’s
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