The Pepsi Of Coca Cola

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Many beverages have been produced and manufactured over time, but there has never been a drink that makes your mouth water as your hear the pop of the bottle opening, a drink that bubbles in your mouth as you drink it, a drink that has an even richer history and more efficient company than any other. This drink is “French Wine Cola.” At least that is what John Stith Pemberton, the creator of Coca-Cola, called it before his bookkeeper, Frank Robinson, suggested the now famous name Coca-Cola(Library of Congress). Robinson also suggested adding the slogan, “delicious and refreshing,” to all of Coke’s ads. Coca-Cola is a beverage that has been successful for many years.Though most people would tell you Coca-Cola is just a drink, it is more than just a soft drink. Coke, created by a man who lived in Columbus, Ga, started out as a medicine, has a unique bottling,and is a very interesting piece of history as a business and as a soft-drink. Coca-Cola was created by a pharmacist who lived in Columbus, Ga. Pembertons address was 1017 Third Avenue Columbus, Ga. John Pemberton, born in Knoxville, Ga in 1831, was the genius behind the creation.( He then moved to Rome, Georgia and spent most of his childhood there (Today in Georgia History). He went to the College of Herbal Medicine in Macon, and then to a pharmacy school in Philadelphia. (Today in Georgia History). Pemberton received his medical degree at age nineteen (Library of Congress). Pemberton served on the Third
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