The Pepsi Of Coca Cola

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When one thinks of soda pop, for most people the brand that comes to mind is Coca-Cola. The bright red logo and classic bottle design are recognized not only throughout the United States, but also around the globe. As a large company that carries much influence, it is imperative that Coca-Cola is aware of the impact that they are having not only on their shareholders, but also all of their stakeholders and the world as a whole. The drink that is now known as Coca-Cola was invented in 1886 by a pharmacist in Atlanta. Dr. John S. Pemberton created a syrup that could be combined with carbonated water and sold at soda fountains. The unique taste was a hit with all those who tried it and soon after its creation, the drink was trademarked and named with the help of Pemberton’s partner Frank M. Robinson (Cantwell, n.d.). Initially, a single serving was a mere five cents and only an average of nine glasses were sold each day in Atlanta. From there the drink took off and today an immense 1.9 billion servings of Coca-Cola are sold worldwide each day (Coca-Cola history, n.d.). Today, Coca-Cola is the number one selling sparkling beverage (Coca-Cola History, n.d.). Throughout the world, out of every 26 servings of beverages that are consumed, Coca-Cola products make up 1.5 of these servings (Kent, 2015). This means that 5.7% of all drinks ingested can be traced back to Coca-Cola. Because of this, Coca-Cola supports annual sales of over 80 billion dollars (Kent, 2015). These
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