The Perceived Image Of Bipolar Disorder

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The Perceived Image of Bipolar Disorder in Silver Linings Playbook Bipolar Disorder is a mental illness that many people live with everyday. This disorder causes people to have intense mood swings, that effect their daily lives. These mood swings are managed by medications and therapeutic interventions, because the main concern is patient’s safety and safety to others. There are many movies and television shows that perceive Bipolar Disorder through characters. One movie, Silver Linings Playbook, displays what this mental illness looks like, and the difficulties of managing it, with the goal to live a normal life. In Silver Linings Playbook, Pat Solitano, a middle aged man, faces getting over a traumatic event in which he had a…show more content…
He was very blunt, and he did not have boundaries when talking to others. Pat was in complete denial of everything that had happened during his psychotic break, he also did not believe that his marriage what nonexistent anymore. Because of this denial, Pat was doing everything in his power to get his wife back because he believed they were still meant to be. This was Pat’s motivation through out the whole movie. Pat also experienced delusions and paranoia, he believed that his wife and the man she cheated on him with were plotting something against him, which lead him to feeling very betrayed. There was a common trigger in the movie that made Pat act violent, have flashbacks, and lose control of his actions. When Pat found his wife cheating on him, the song that had played at their wedding was playing on the stereo. From then on, he associated that song with the traumatic event that had happened that night. Through out the movie the song played. It played early on in the waiting room while Pat was waiting to see his psychiatrist, where he responded to it with violence and yelling. This song played later on in the movie when Pat was learning how to control himself, this triggered him to panic however, and he once again lost control. Towards the end of the movie though, it played one last time, Pat put his hands over
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