The Perception Of Age For The American People

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Age is nothing but a number. Yet to get rears into seats from the movie-going crowd and consumers spreading buzz-lines 'Forty is the new Thirty ', all of today 's culture conflate and confuse what age in America actually means. In pop-culture, age is used as a sleigh of hand trick. To maneuver people into faceless demographics where they can make proclamations on who wears and says what based on how old they are. While in the real world, the exact number of years one carries is less and important compared to what label it gives a person. If one is such and so decades old, assumptions and stereotypes goes a long way. However, there has been research on the aging populace of older Americans. Their findings interesting as they peer into the minds of the elderly about how age was perceived as they were growing up and their lives now. The perception of age for the American people can be summed up in three aspects; what it can sell, what it can shorthand explain and what does science and research has to say about this.

It wouldn 't exactly be an unfair assessment to say that our magazines, TV shows and movies tend to be youth obsessed in unequal terms. To women reaching forty and beyond, today 's culture wishes to sell her the perfected youth she never had. They do this by suggesting tips, surgery, dietary habits and this persuasive belief as to if she does not achieve the society recommended ideal of youth, she is cast aside. Statistics paint a story. Taken…

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