The Perception Of Black Males And Their Personal Experience On Handling The Stigmas Essay

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Perceptions is what we perceive, what we think we see and know vs what another sees towards the same object or person. But something we must always keep in mind is these stigmas we have aren’t always true. One controversial miss perceptions are black lives particularly black males in America. Viewed by a lot of people as thugs, gang bangers, and crooks, harsh and untrue things of the major of the population. a group of individually regularly looked at and put under scrutiny its people constantly put under a microscope if near the scene of any crime, or harassed verbally by authority figure. We must not let our perception of black males cause a divide and allow the stigmas that are attributed to them to instill fear and cause hatred in our nation. We will critically analyze speeches by Brent staples, Coffey Anderson, and Steve lock particularly at their views of the perception of black males and their personal experience on handling the stigmas associated with them. Brent staples takes an interesting position on the stigma of black males in America, in his 1980 's recount of his life as a black male in the city of New York he mentions a deep yet simple cause of violence upon black life’s. In our day to day life lives in the us in urban America "when fear" particularly racial fear of a person of group of people arises “and weapons", either by registered individuals or by police mix “(staples 1) there is always the possibility of death". It is an imminent consequence when
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