The Perception Of Data Subjects From The North East Of Scotland Essay

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1.0 Introduction The subject of this dissertation is an investigation into what motivates different generations in the workplace. In particular, the perceptions of data subjects from various generations in the North East of Scotland. The idea arose from looking at example dissertations and finding one about different generations and their perspective on work life balance. This dissertation stood out and sparked further research into what else different generations contrast on, which lead to motivation. This is a current and topical issue as motivation matters a great deal; Forsyth (2000 p. 2) states that motivation “increases efficiency, effectiveness and productivity” and allows organisations to meet their aims and objectives. Hageman (1992) suggests that motivation is the internal incentive that which brings out pleasure from work; happiness and efficiency are closely connected. This then makes employees desire to do what is required of them. However, motivating people successfully is not easy and takes time, thought and care (Forsyth 2000 p. 3). To make the matter of motivating a workforce even more complex, different people are motivated by different aspects as everyone has different experiences, interests, concepts and values (Hageman 1992). This is especially true for different generations (Barford and Hester 2011). Consequently, employers need to find a system that will engage all employees. Abel-Lanier (2016 p. 4) states that “today’s leaders must familiarize
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