The Perception Of Law Enforcement

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It is no secret the perception of law enforcement has changed in the United States over the last year; given the news coverage of deadly encounters involving victims of one race and police officers of another. This brings up the question of whether police officers are really the “enemy” the public believes them to be through their consumption of rampant negative media coverage, or are they merely one cog in a very large wheel of cascading failures in our society and the criminal justice system. Since the summer of 2014, an extremely controversial and emotional issue has exploded in the news, concerning racist allegations made against white police officers and their use of deadly or excessive force on people of color. News resources and popular media’s sensationalizing allegations of the use of excessive and deadly force by police departments continues to generate headlines more than two decades after the “Rodney King beating” and the 1992 Los Angeles riots brought the issue to the nation’s attention. Media coverage of incidents like the death of Eric Garner due to the apparent use of a “chokehold” by a police officer, in July 2014, Staten Island, N.Y., incited public violence and outrage. Another incident occurred in Ferguson, MO., only a month later, when African-American teenager Michael Brown was shot and killed by white Police Officer Daren Wilson, this incident sparked proliferating news coverage, ignited nationwide debates and fueled violent community protests,
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