The Perception Of The Human Brain 's Brain

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The significance of this video’s phenomenon is that it assists people learn what kinds of conduct can help protect themselves to acceptably fit in their civilization making them into, “instinctive copycats and for a really good reason: survival… as deep in the brain…we got special cells known as mirror neurons” (H. C. Sinclair, 2013). It also relates to current human behavior for the reason that it echoes the modeling or imitation behavior executed by children and adolescents. For example, individuals that are into Football will get worked up from just watching it due to similarly reacting to the responses of the actual audience at the game. The reason as to why is because of the outcome of the human brain’s premotor cortex initiating its mirror neurons via trying to mentally-mimicking the same movements communicated by their facial expressions. Ultimately, the simulation of these neurons on a cellular level is fundamental for humans to effectively comprehend the feelings of others or empathize that can straightforwardly be influenced without their knowledge such as the case of advertisers that earn millions each year from making use of this unique wiring to their advantage. There is a connection between the national problem of drug addiction and prescription drug overdose which is the aftermath of numerous factors in the United State of America as a result of the, “brain with a nucleus accumbens hypersensitive to dopamine plus low baseline serotonin levels equals
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