The Perception Of The Olfactory Function

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We must be aware of the smells in an environment because that can alter students’ ability to focus and learn. “Smells can capture a child’s attention, and when they do, access to sensory information from other sensory systems capable of providing more useful information can be compromised.” (Allman, C., Lewis, S. and Smith, M. 2014) The olfactory function is extremely sensitive and bout pleasant or unpleasant smells can create issues. People often make decision based on their interaction with a scent and if it was positive or negative. The absence of the ability to smell can also adversely affect cueing and alertness. During the lessons, the goal should be to have neutral, natural smells and if other smells are needed it should be factored into the lesson.
Proprioception is the basis for the physical sense of self and its interaction with the external world.” (Allman, C., Lewis, S. and Smith, M. 2014) When students use their proprioceptive sense, information is sent to the brain about static position and body movement. Proprioceptive sense works with vision and tactile sense to develop coordination, support a child’s ability to plan and exhibit patterns of behavior. Issue with proprioceptive function can affect student learning and students can appear drowsy, fussy, agitated, picky and unbalanced. Activities that aid in building proprioceptive function are mostly physical, such as massages, hugs, yoga or stretching, walks, jumping on a trampoline and exploring with

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