The Perception Of Violence Within The Public Safety Field

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Introduction This learner thinks that once the organization or system can understand the causes and the behavior of violence crime within their neighborhood, then they will be able to add measures, step, or both to prevent this type of behavior within their communities/neighborhood and apply them skillfully. Therefore, this learner will explain the main tenets of the perceptions of violence within a community as it relates to public safety leadership, and explain the reasons behind this learner’s perception, and evaluate the credibility. We will also take a look at what types of challenges the public safety field has when dealing with violence’s. Once that is addressed we will evaluate whether the personal perceptions of violence has changed, or is it reinforced, and try to gain an understanding how one might address ethical implications of perceptions of violence for professional practice in the public safety field which will help us when ethical or unethical matter come up within our organization. That when it does we will have some form of guide to follow to address these issues. Summarize the main principles of the perceptions of violence within communities This first question is rather hard for this learner to answer being that this learner is unemployed, and does not know where here degree will take her, but this learner can answer this section from a person perspective point of view. This learner believes that this course just confirm what she always
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