The Perception of Korean Women Bodies

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According to my personal observations, females in general tend to be more dissatisfied with their physical appearance, are more likely to judge themselves overweight and diet more frequently than males. While attending university in Korea I oftentimes consider Korean college women so thin that is on the border of unhealthy. Scholarly articles confirm my claim as a comparatively high level of body dissatisfaction and disordered eating was reported among Korean college women . It was also found that 81% of Korean college women, although their mean Body Mass Index (BMI) was a relatively low 19.4, had a desired BMI of 18 and wanted to lose a mean of 4.0 kg. This research proposal claims that Korean women’s desire to be thinner cannot be explained by their correct perception of Korean men’s preferences. In this quantitative, cross-sectional study I compare the current Korean female body shape with ratings of most attractive figures by the participants (Korean females) and by the members of the opposite sex. This way it is possible to point out the assumed distortions in estimating the attractiveness preferences of the opposite sex. My research question is: What is the degree of difference between the sexes’ perception of the most attractive Korean female body shape? The independent variable is native Korean men’s perception of the most attractive Korean female body shape and the dependent variable is native Korean women’s perception of the female body shape that they think

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