The Perceptions Of Grammar On Grammar

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Results To answer RQ1, the perceptions of grammar in speaking from both NS teacher and NNS students have to be found by analyzing the answers from the interview Q2, Q4 and Q5. The results show that, in terms of the perceptions towards grammar in speaking, NS teacher do differ from NNS students. NS teacher’s answer shows that grammar was very important in speaking, during the interview, when she was asked about Q4, she said: “…You speak with few repeated errors, you can never be completely like a native speaker. but there is not clear patterns of errors. Patterns errors for example, Chinese people always leave out articles, or always messing up with tense. Well, for a perfect ESL learner who is at high level, they would leave out articles occasionally, but not always. And tense, they have a good grasp of the tense. For example.” When asked about Q5, she answered: “…The accent isn’t really an issue, but speakers who speak fluent English with lots of grammar mistakes, that’s not perfect English. So if the accuracy of the language… if the person is making lots of grammar mistakes, that’s very far from being a perfect speaker”. She underscored the importance of grammar in speaking and she also thought accent was not an issue for NNS. This finding echos Kormos & Dénes’ study (2004), which indicates that accuracy (grammar), plays an important role in fluency judgment. However, opposite answers were found in the NNS students’ answers. Even though there was one student Mary said

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