The Perfect Balance By Hannah Mcqueen

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The Perfect Balance tells us how to get ahead financially without jeopardizing the balance of our life. It teaches us how to face financial reality, setting financial goals and how to achieve them and be able to get maximum satisfaction from every dollar that we spend. The author, Hannah McQueen is a financial personal trainer. She is an accountant with degrees in both Commerce and Taxation Law. She was a regular guest on TVNZ’s Save our Home.She was also a co-host of TVNZ’s Good Morning Show. She is the founder of enableMe – a company that specializes in financial personal training. She has written this book to share and help the readers master how to find the perfect equilibrium in not just in finance, but also in life. In the early pages of McQueen’s book, she went straight to the message that she was trying to get across her readers: You think you are doing well in handling your finances, but in reality you aren’t, but it is never too late to change your financial landscape (p.70). She had pointed out that if we want to be smart in spending and saving our money, we need to be socially responsible. Being financially competent, we need to take time to plan things. She also reiterates that planning needs to be based on rational thoughts and decisions without compromising our general satisfaction. The first few chapters of the book provides the readers an assessment on how financially responsible they are, and the common obstacles that might hinder them in achieving
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