The Perfect Body Image. The Horrific Things That Females

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the perfect body image. The horrific things that females put themselves through to lose weight is heartbreaking. Not only are bulimia sufferers suffering from vomiting but they suffer from stomach cramps, bags under their eyes, and hair loss. It has also been confirmed that celebrities have also experienced bulimia. Females look up to these females just like they look up to females in the spotlight for beauty standards, however these celebrities brush off the disease. Sacker mentioned “that celebrities appearing on talk shows make it sound as if getting over an eating disorder is quick and easy, but the reality is very different” (167). Binge eating is like bulimia but without the vomiting. Binge eating is a disorder that comes into effect…show more content…
Also, in the year 1996 to 1998 numbers for enhancement surgeries doubled. A tremendous way to describe cosmetic surgery would be human flourishing or artificial beauty. Bad news about cosmetic surgery is that it can become addicting. Once, a female with self-image concern lays money to cosmetic surgery, they will continue to come back for more and more. People in the United States are spending around 12 billion dollars on cosmetic surgeries. Celebrities and models fall under a double standard when it comes to cosmetic surgeries because majority of them undergo them, however they are promoting a beauty standard and stereotype that comes off as being natural. In order, to see a change in eating disorders, a decrease in plastic surgery numbers, stereotypes, and this ideal beauty standard there are drastic changes that need to be done. First, not everyone is born perfect and the reality of having a perfect body is nonrealistic. Sacker defines perfectionism “as a powerful, sometimes irrational, urge to do everything exactly right—is a personality trait that’s common among people with eating disorders” (50). The media is promoting a beauty standard that comes across as ideal/perfect/right, however nobody meets this perfection naturally. Thus, being said females plant this seed of perfection in their brain due to the media. In order, for results the media needs to start introducing plus size models, showing more
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