The Perfect Family Became A Broken Home

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"She is not in there. She is gone, and she said she was not coming back," whimpered my dad. At that moment, that is all we ever knew. It was all anyone ever knew. The perfect family became a broken home in 2009, but not just any broken home. It became a home searching for a renewing, searching for a reconnection. With whom? Well, we did not quite know that answer at that point of our beautiful tragedy either. From the alcoholic father, to the sleepless mother, I grew up in a family that seemed perfect enough for me. My dad, my mom, my sister Charli, and I spent most weekends with my dad 's family, our friends, and my dad 's best friend Darrell. Other than the times my dad would lash out in anger while he was drunk, life was happy-go-lucky. Every day, every year was a routine. My dad would get off work; we would get out of school. Around five o 'clock my mom would be home, and we all would go do our usual get together, which most the time consisted of watching the men of the group drink, our mom 's bringing us home early, and then the men coming in late hours of the night. Over the next few years the situation got worse. My dad hardly came home without being drunk, and my mom spent hours on top of hours waiting up on him. Eventually, she got tired of it, I guess. In the summer of 2009, my Aunt Amy and grandmother had taken us on vacation traveling from Nashville, Tennessee to Natchez, Mississippi. While on the Natchez Trace, we did not have a worry in the world. We spent

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