The Perfect Manager: Evaluating Various Leadership Skills

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The Perfect Manager Introduction The skills required to manage a business through its progression from start-up through growth, then through maturity and eventually through decline are varied, challenging and underscore why transformational leaders are so valuable to any enterprise. The intent of this paper is to evaluate the various leadership skills needed to navigate a company through all stages of organizational growth. Transformational leaders with a very high level of emotional intelligence (EI) have the ability to successfully manage risk, uncertainty and turbulent economic environments while still attaining corporate objectives (Flamholtz, Randle, 2007). The baseline of skills for this analysis begins with the requirement that leaders have a high degree of transformational leadership ability, incouding proven EI skills to successfully navigate a company through these transitions (Flamholtz, Randle, 2007). Analysis of Leadership Styles by Stage of Company Growth The start-up phase of any business challenges even the most accomplished leader. This stage requires a transformational skill set for getting the most critical tasks done first, combined with an innate transformational skill set that can define a cohesive and accomplishable vision (Flamholtz, Randle, 2007). Of the many reasons startups fail, foremost among them is this continual conflict between the transactional and transformational approaches to leadership that are critical during the startup phase
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