The Perfect Moral Example Essay

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Fairy tales portray wonderful, elaborate, and colorful worlds as well as chilling, frightening, dark worlds in which ugly beasts are transformed into princes and evil persons are turned to stones and good persons back to flesh (Guroian). Fairytales have long been a part of our world and have taken several forms ranging from simple bedtime stories to intricate plays, musicals, and movies. However, these seemingly simple stories are about much more than pixie dust and poisoned apples. One could compare fairytales to the new Chef Boyardee; Chef Boyardee hides vegetables in its ravioli while fairytales hide society’s morals and many life lessons in these outwardly simple children stories. Because of this fairytales have long been instruments…show more content…
When they went to try their luck at seeing and marrying the Invisible One. They met with the sister of the Invisible One and neither of them could see him when they were asked. However, they lied to the sister when she asked them questions about his appearance, and the sister knew. Because of their lies and the fact that they could not see her brother, neither of the cruel sisters was allowed to marry him (611). This is yet another example of how cruelty does not get people what they want. This story and many others teach children to be good people and follow the moral code of their culture through example rather than the parents telling them how to act. Fairytales are more than simply good bedtime stories. They imply a distinct set of moral values, and provide examples of how not to act. Fairytales always have a protagonist that is kind, caring, and humble that gives children a good model to follow. One great example is Petrrault’s “Cendrillon.” “He dubs her chief virtue “la bonne grace” i.e., in the face of adversity she is generous, long-suffering, charming, and good-humored; the ideal bride, from the gentleman’s perspective” (Cullen 623). Petrrault’s “Cendrillon” is the type of person that all parents want their children to be like, therefore, a great role model. All children need someone to look up to, and fairytales are an easy way to provide children with such a person. “A child,” Ruskin wrote, “should not need to choose between
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