The Perfect Mother Myth Summary

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In their article, the relationship between the Hay’s ideology of intensive mothering and the outcome on mother’s mental health was explained. They explain what psychological experience women have with motherhood, They set up an experiment includes 283 mothers to prove their hypothesis that mothers who experience the pressure to be perfect and mothers who have guilt of not meeting their parents expectation would experience higher stress and anxiety in daily life. This article is good for the topic because it provides solid statistical evidence to show researcher that mother are suffering from just being a mother, and it really open people’s eyes and let them understand how hard it is to be a normal mother in our society.

Juli, Cragg H. "The Perfect Mother Myth." Publishers Weekly, vol. 252, no. 21, 2005, pp. 2-S15,S19, Proquest,

Juli’s article gives an example of how mothers are driving themselves crazy to try to be perfect mothers, because of the society’s influence. She said Mothers are parenting their children by the standard they got from the community instead of what they want for their children. This reading really make people think how many mothers they know are exactly fit the perfect Christian mother standard in the beginning of the article and how horrible it is that every mother behave the same way like machines.

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