The Perfect Storm

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LEC 347 1 The perfect storm is referring to a realistic case scenario is usage of resources such as phosphates, nitrate, fertilizers, water and land continues as it is. It predicts that for example phosphates that are mined will be gone by 2050 leading to a large deficit on food production. Furthermore, there are key water resources that have been shown to be used above its rate of regeneration, which means that freshwater resources are also at risk. This culmination of these resources deficits through usage are what is known as the perfect storm with some reference to an increase in resources as well due to an increasing population. The major resource limitations include phosphate fertilizers because they are mined for resources.…show more content…
Therefore, more resources need to be invested in finding alternative fuels to help solve this crisis. iii) Water shortages are a concern to agriculture because a lack of water leads to either poorly developed crops or to dead crops, thereby creating food shortages. Biologists has two primary roles to play in the fight against water shortages. The first role is a research role, which is the development of more water efficient crops, cropping systems and creating alternatives to meat which has a very high water cost. The second role they have to play is with interacting with both the public and the government and working together with them to improve legalisation in agricultural legislation, taxing and helping form public and school education programmes talking about the water footprint. In research it is essential to find alternatives to meat products. This is because, meat products boasts a significantly higher Waterfoot print than crops alone. This is based upon the theory of biotrophism, plants absorb 1% of the energy of the sunlight and herbivores only gain the benefits of 10% of the energy supplied by plants. Therefore, humans only gain 1% of the total energy from the crops. However, despite this humans tend to choose meat products over plant ones. Therefore, coming up with meat product alternatives is essential to the fight against climate change. In recent years this has been
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