The Perfect Summer Day

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The sun, blistering and vibrant, beat down on our tiny pigtailed heads. Cement stairs ingraining themselves into our thighs, creating a cross-stitch pattern. I could hear birds rustling through the trees and I watched as one individual leaf departed from its branch. It, in my mind, was the perfect summer day.
Abbie and I carried a large, stretched beyond capacity, plastic grocery bag onto my front steps. Inside held pallet after pallet of drugstore makeup, all of which we had compiled from our mother’s unused vanities.
After surveying everything we had, we sat down and began to create our masterpieces. My makeover was first. Abbie started with a gentle stroke of some orange, creamy stuff, which I now know as foundation, and transitioned into obscure lines and violent colors of lipstick. I looked clown like, bright pink cheeks and frightening eyeshadow covered my face.
Abbie’s makeover followed, hers turning out almost as bad as mine. Strewn about colors, and caked on powders smeared across her face. We looked at each other horrified with the final product, Abbie belting out that obnoxious laugh everyone had known her for, nearly knocking me off the steps in the process. Tears streamed through our freshly done makeup, making our makeup appear like battle wounds.
Over the years, this memory seemed to become fainter to me, and our friendship seemed to vanish. The occasional hangouts and Hannah Montana marathons continued, but nothing that quite compared to our laughter

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