The Perfect Workday

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I arrived at my office today at 10:00am, armed with a Starbucks cappuccino, a Fiji water bottle, and my laptop. I am greeted with a sweet smell of vanilla initiating from a glade plug-in. I look out the window and see massive buildings, hundreds of tiny cars whoosh in all directions, and I see people that are dashing among the busy sidewalks of New York. Above it all is a perfect clear and sunny sky that just happened to brighten my mood just by looking at it. . I sip on my cappuccino while thinking about today‘s appointments. I think of the patients I am going to see today and what procedures will be done to help them progress with their conflicts. I start wishful thinking and imagine if I were to help any of them make a breakthrough…show more content…
I started to think about Ava, who was my next patient. For some reason, I felt somewhat attached to her situation and was extremely determined to assist her to overcome it. Oddly, I had a good feeling about my next appointment with her. My break was soon over and it was time for Ava’s appointment to begin. She arrived to my office with a blank expression on her face. Ava was a pale girl, consisting of curly, long, brown hair and big green eyes that illuminated her face. “How was your day today Ava?” I asked. She replied, “It was a complete disaster, everything just kept getting worse and worse.” She began to tell me about another terrible event which I thought would affect her almost as deeply as the past tragedy did. I was shocked with her answer when I asked her how she felt about the whole situation. She said that it strangely does not bother her and does not know why. This was my time to proceed to my goal; my chance to hopefully give Ava the closure she needed. I explained to her that the reason she does not mind it too much is probably because the past incident has made her mentally and emotionally stronger and that she is now more capable of dealing with difficult conflicts and overcoming life’s obstacles. As I was explaining this to her, her eyes glistened. Her whole facial expression just appeared to enlighten. It became apparent that Ava had finally made a breakthrough. She told me that she finally realized what I meant
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