The Performance Arm Of The Ford Fiesta St

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Tangerine Scream was the perfect name for the tri-coat finish smothering the body of a delicious 2015 Ford Focus ST five-door hatchback tasked with teasing and pleasing me recently. Indeed, the ST’s bright finish served as an exclamation point on a model with more attitude between the wheels than some far more expensive sports cars.

If you aren’t familiar with “ST,” than allow me to give you a quick lesson in the school of all things speed. ST is a line of sporty vehicles from Ford Performance, representing the performance arm of the Ford Motor Company. The ST line is currently composed of the Ford Fiesta ST (see my Dec. 2014 review of the same here) and the Ford Focus ST. Moreover, a near ST-like Fusion Sport sedan is due for release in 2017.

Both ST models are new to Ford fans in the US, but the line has been long been familiar to European fans. North American car buyers now have access to these models because of the company’s “One Ford” initiative: in essence, Ford is now selling nearly all its models across multiple markets.

Previously, some of Europe’s best vehicles were held back from the US. Beginning in 2008 that all changed as the Euro-spec Fiesta and Focus were sent across the Atlantic. New ST models followed and now Ford has a pair of hot hatchbacks to segue to the Mustang.

So, what’s the big deal about the Focus ST? Besides its tricked out visage with special skirting, alloy wheels, summer tires, unique lights and eye popping colors, you also get a pumped…

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