The Performance Art Center On Texas State University 's Campus

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On the first of November I visited the Performance Art Center, on Texas State University’s campus. There I saw the Texas State Jazz Ensemble perform with guest, Steve Houghton. The performance began at 7:30pm and lasted for an approximate hour and a half. As I observed the stage I noticed that there were a variety of instruments played in the jazz ensemble. The instruments that were played included string (grand piano, electric guitar, electric bass, bass), brass (trumpet, trombone, French horn), woodwind (tenor sax, alto sax, baritone sax) and percussion instruments (six piece drum set, bongos). On the drum set was, special guest, Steve Houghton from the music school of Iowa. Overall, there were several different pieces of different sub-genres of jazz music. The pieces that were played in the ensemble included the following: Slide’s Derangement by Slide Hampton, BBC by Bob Florence, Dangerous Curves by Matt Harris, Blues for 70 by John Clayton, Jazz Crimes by Joshua Reden, Isotope by Joe Henderson, Basie’s Back in Town by Ernie Wilkins. Each piece named above had its own uniqueness. The characteristics of each musical piece will be described below: Slide’s Derangement started off with a solo performed by an alto sax. There were also solos performed by a trumpet and the drums. Each solo was accompanied by a melodic repetition of numerous crescendos performed by brass and woodwind instruments. The drums and the rhythm kept the upbeat tempo by the string instruments. The

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