The Performance Dimensions International, Inc.

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Upon those completed evaluation forms the two highest scored candidates will be invited back to complete the second step in the hiring process to participate in the “Development Dimensions International, Inc., © DDI’s simulations allow you to see firsthand how a candidate would perform if placed in a new role. In addition, our simulations give candidates a realistic preview of critical job requirements, so they come into the role with accurate expectations. When the cost of failure is high or when the position is critical to the success of the business, job simulations add a significantly higher degree of selection accuracy and risk mitigation. Includes designing selection systems with three goals in mind: higher quality, increased efficiency, and legal defensibility.” (Development Dimensions International, Inc, 2015). This cost of this will vary depending on how much we are willing to invest. From previous experiences, I know that working with Lee Hecht Harrison and providing an executive coach to a Senior Leader for the six-month assignment was $18,000.00 investment. So it is an investment but it is worth investment and I have Development Dimensions International set up for a presentation next week so that we have identified the assessment and costs to make sure that DDI© meets our needs and exceeds our expectations before sending the two finalists. The candidates are participating in legally defensible assessments. That is not the final step in the process. The
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