The Performance Management Cycle Of The Flower Shop Employees

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Introduction The performance management cycle involves planning, monitoring, developing, rating and rewarding. It is ideal for all employees to follow the cycle in order to measure every employee’s performance so they are able to understand their role and responsibilities in the company. For instance, in the Flower Shop employees were not ever given performance management evaluations by their mangers. Mainly because it is a family-run business and they did not have a corporate mindset. The plan is not to remove the family business environment, but to incorporate some of the corporate guidelines to improve overall quality of work. Furthermore, now that the organization is incorporating a Human Resource department this will create the opportunity to introduce performance management appraisals. Additionally, in order for the business to be successful everything must be planned out in advance, meaning clear performance expectations must be assigned. In this case The Flower Shop has come up with a set of procedures that offer employees a concise understanding of what is expected of them. Considering that there are seven departments in the organization; HRM, project managers, sales/consultation, floral designers, packaging, delivering, and maintenance/cleaning, the four human resource managers and the two project managers will each focus in one department. Performance Management Cycle Employee: ________________ Date: ________________ 1 Unsatisfactory 2 Less than Satisfactory

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