The Performance Management System Is Ensuring All Portions Of The Organization

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The most important part in creating your performance management system is ensuring all portions of the organization are involved in design, implementing, administering, managing, and evaluating the program (Group, 1994). In order to reform the current performance management system human resources must decide what currently works and consider how their competitors have set up their performance management systems. If you want to be competitive in the appeal industry it’s essential to pay attention to your competitors in order to keep retention.
WeaveTech is currently using total quality management (TQM). This performance management style was heavily used by manufacturing companies in the 1970s and 1980s. In order for companies to restore competitiveness they adopted these quality and productivity techniques (Unknown, 2014). Total quality management has three characteristic participative management, continuous process improvement, and teamwork (Unknown, 2014). In order for total quality management to work it requires that quality standards are first set by establishing measurements for a particular item and thus defining what constitutes quality (Unknown, 2014). Per the article from, “For best results total quality management requires a long-term, cooperative, planned, holistic approach to business, what some have dubbed a “market share” rather than a “profitability” approach” (Unknown, 2014).
The issue with total quality management is that it requires a
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