The Performance Manipulation Practice Within Conglomerates

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Part A This article introduce the performance manipulation practice within conglomerates. And explore some of resources, tactics and skills used by managers who involve in manipulate of performance reporting. Managers use performance manipulation practice to make their personal benefits or as a resistance strategy when shareholder sets an unreasonable expectation. And emphasise a theoretical which establish the important role of a group leader’s ability in the performance manipulation. Then use the empirical material to emphases performance reporting practices is between a parent company and two of subsidiaries are analyzed using data collected and interview method. Finally Puyou introduce 3 methods of manipulate performance reporting…show more content…
So they can use their ability to design a tactic to promote internal and external stability involve take into account other actor’s interest and identity to persuade them to cooperate. Finally cause a stable cooperation and this is the framework of the process of institutionalization cooperation. Following this article state three manipulate performance reporting measures. First is Account manipulation which decide over accounting norms and practice have an impact on production of reporting information. The second is real profit smoothing which refer to meet parent company expectation. Upper level management makes operational decisions to improve reporting indicators. The third type of manipulate is slack which defines as a cushion excess resource and upper level management use to compensate the lack of profit. These methods of manipulating performance strategy often use various techniques together. This section will illustrate the conglomerate manager in order to reduce performance reporting uncertainty use 3 methods of manipulate performance reporting to obtain their position. Ronelec which is a subsidiary company of EBEL with the mission of reorganizing finance procedure and production operation entrusted two skilful Vice-CEO. They hired a new financial manager to control of production site rather than the on-site technician. And taught everyone in Ronelec to track their expenses, so that
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