The Performance Map Is A Valuable Tool Used For Diagnosing Performance Issues

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The performance map is a valuable tool used for diagnosing performance issues, whether it be used to resolve a problem or respond to an opportunity. The performance map is divided into four quadrants which are: structure, motivation, environment, and learning. The structure focuses on the foundation of the organization. The structure asks the question what are the foundations of the organization. What are the strategies, mission, goals, function, organization design, and so forth of the organization? The next quadrant is the motivation, which focuses on the “why” do employees want to or not want to perfrom their job? Motivation addresses the emotions, and psychological needs that incite action. Why do we act or do what we do, in response to certain situations. The next quadrant is the environment; the conditions that affect the growth and development of the organization. The environment should ask where, the physical layout of the organization, work flow, equipment and tools utilized, resources, ergonomics and person problems. The last quadrant is the learning quadrant that enhances the employee performance, skills, knowledge and proficiency in a given area. The performance map can be utilized at my job regarding the issue of the lack of communication between the manager and the employees, and improper training, which leads to deficiencies in performance. In order to utilize the performance map we must look at the structure of the organization. What is the mission, the…
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