The Performance Map Is A Valuable Tool Used For Diagnosing Performance Issues

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The performance map is a valuable tool used for diagnosing performance issues, whether it be used to resolve a problem or respond to an opportunity. The performance map is divided into four quadrants which are: structure, motivation, environment, and learning. The structure focuses on the foundation of the organization. The structure asks the question what are the foundations of the organization. What are the strategies, mission, goals, function, organization design, and so forth of the organization? The next quadrant is the motivation, which focuses on the “why” do employees want to or not want to perfrom their job? Motivation addresses the emotions, and psychological needs that incite action. Why do we act or do what we do, in response…show more content…
We must look at the mission of the organization which is bringing hope back to life. The goal of the organization is to help people who maybe suffering from psychiatric issues, to chemical dependencies back to recovery and to give them hope again. In order to fulfill the goals, and mission the organization’s team must work together and be on the same page. Communication is key and without it there is no organization, or structure. Team members or employees must communicate with one another and address any deficiencies or any issue that maybe prevalent that way they can come up with a resolution together. As employees we want to fulfill the mission by upholding the values, and by improving performance. The employee must also show their motivation, why are they there? What is the employee’s behavior and attitude towards their work? The employee is more likely to make improvements if they are given feedback by higher up management, coaching, and given attention, such that of the Hawthorne Affect had shown. Determining the employees’ confidence level is important, examining their accomplishments, behaviors, and attitude. Again, the employee is rated 0 (manager confidence in employee) to 10 (manager has complete confidence in the employee). It is important to determine the performer’s view of their work, and if there is any discrepancy between the two it can pin aand communication. The employee was not aware of a few small
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