The Performance Measurement Of Enterprise

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With the increasingly fierce market competition, enterprises expand external market at the same time, business operators gradually realized that to strengthen the internal management of the enterprise is also an important meaning to enhance the competition ability of the enterprise (Paloma Sánchez &Elena, 2006). Enterprise performance measurement as an important way to strengthen internal management and control has been recognized by much more enterprises (Atkinson et al, 1997). Corporate managers are trying to make performance measurement and business strategy for better integration, in order to establish a scientific performance evaluation system and promote enterprise achieve strategic objectives.
The centre of the traditional
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Performance measurement

Performance are those that work behaviour after evaluation, performance and results. Performance has two levels: in terms of organization (organizational performance), performance is the degree of task completion of the quantity, quality and efficiency aspects; for employees personally (individual performance), performance is superior, subordinates and their colleagues, evaluation of status of their work.

Performance measurement is a measurement process of employee behaviour in human resource management, which is used the past standard to compare performance record and the process of the performance evaluation results feedback to employees. Mainly related to enterprise staff 's work ability, work attitude, work performance (Neely et al,2005). This process may play a role in inspection and control,according to Murphy(1990)performance is a set of behaviours with a goal in its work related to the organization or unit. Pamenter (2003) points out that should transfer the purpose of the traditional performance measurement to the improvement of employees. But transferred the purpose of the performance measurement to the staff, there is a certain one-sidedness, subjectivity in the evaluation process, the role of the assessment will be
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