The Performance Models Of A Performance Management System For This Start Up Company

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Part I: Research and Summarize Relevant Performance Models In performing my research into possible performance models to leverage as I design a performance management system for this start-up company, I identified three models. Those models are Competency Model, Development Driven Model and Competitive Assessment Model. Competency Model The first model I will discuss as part of my research is the Competency Performance Model. Competencies can be integrated into the regular Performance Management (PM) process in one of two ways: • By defining the competencies needed to perform each Performance Goal / Objective. In this case, the manager and employee identify the key competencies required to achieve each performance goal / objective…show more content…
The disadvantage is that due the specific nature of the performance goals / objectives, key competencies for the effective performance during the review cycle, but not included in the competency profile, will not be assessed. (Wikipedia, n.d.) In reviewing both of the above cases, feedback provided on the employee’s competencies typically transfers into the development of an action plan to address gaps in performance and development. Coaching and Development Driven Model The second model I found as part of my research was the Development Driven Performance Model. This model focuses on identifying employees’ strengths and weaknesses, with the aim of coaching and developing them to improve performance and retain the most talented. The underlying belief is that ongoing coaching will reveal strengths and weaknesses and enhance performance. Currently about two-thirds of companies (64 percent) use this approach. (Garr, 2010) The coaching and development driven model requires development planning with careful identification and communication of what the organization would consider as critical competencies. This model drives performance through self-assessments as well as 360 assessments. An organization that chooses to implement this type of performance model looks at their company as a place for people to fulfill their potential and become successful. As mentioned above, 64 percent of companies are currently using this approach, which is a high percentage of
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